The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs from the Last 50 Years

A few years ago, I made a deal with myself to read every Pulitzer Prize winning novel since the first awarding in 1918 (at least the best I can). I’ve kept up with the new ones since my promise (beginning in the Kavalier and Clay year, so that musta been 2001), and have grabbed lots of stuff from previous years from the used book store (Humboldt’s Gift? Awesome) and I haven’t been disappointed yet, ‘cept for Olive Kitteredge two years ago. Just couldn’t finish it…

   Similarly, I do try to keep up with what other prizes are awarded – I even get a bit into the science ones, which are way beyond my far right brain.

So, this collection of the prize winning photographs from the last 50 years are quite fascinating, both inspiring and intense. Just the way art should be.

50 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs