10 Things Every Guy Should Know about Laundry

I didn’t really learn a lot about “domesticity” as a kid. We didn’t have shop or home ec in my high school, and my family weren’t huge cooks or builders or sewers. All my interest in those sort of things came later, when I decided I wanted to learn.

But the one thing I got from my family? How to get stuff clean, and in particular, how to do laundry. I remember my first year of college, studying in the residence hall laundry room, and getting asked over and over by my dormmates, “What am I supposed to do now?”   Sometimes, its obvious, andsometimes its not; no judgment here. So, with that, I offer Primer’s primer to laundry.

 One day, after breakfast she tells you — all sweetness and doe eyed — that she wants to come over and see your place. Uh oh. To say the least, this is a problem. Your place is nothing like hers. Clothes cover the floor. Dishes, caked with dried cereal and orange juice pulp, stand in precarious piles on your desk, your beanbag chair, your TV. You’re not sure what a dead rat smells like, but you were suspicious enough to search for one…. More likely, however, that putrid smell is nothing more than dirty socks. She’ll be here in about four hours. That’s just enough time to air out the place and do some laundry, but only if you’ve read…

10 Things an Adult Man Should Know About Laundry … but Probably Doesn’t