Yep…That’s a $100,000 Razor

created at: 08/03/2011

For years, ladies have had their unbelievably priced items of high design and haute couture: million dollar dresses worn to awards ceremonies (“on loan,” of course), or jewel encrusted handbags sewn together with unicorn hair and phoenix feathers. Or something.

Now, the fellows have a chance to own a super, unbelievably expensive high-end product: the Iridium razor by Zafirro, which clocks in at a cool $100,000.

How’s it get to cost twice as much as the yearly income of the average U.S. citizen?   Well, the body is constructed from iridium, a corrosive resistant metal that’s ten times more rare than platinum. The blades are made from sapphire, and ground and sharpened to a thickness 5,000x thinner than a human hair, and the whole thing is held together by pure platinum screws.

So…that’s how. Only ninety-nine will be produced, so be sure to reserve yours soon!

$100,000 Iridium Razor with Sapphire Blades & Platinum Screws By Zafirro