Rooftopping: Amazing, Vertigo-Inducing Urban Photography

Rooftopping, which the Daily Mail calls, “a new heart-stopping photography craze sweeping across the globe,” looks mostly dangerous, and kinda the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a bit.

“Those brave enough to give it a try must go to the tops of the world’s tallest buildings, shimmy to the side and then hang off the edge in a bid to capture the perfect picture.

Travel photographer Tom Ryaboi has spent his life dangling from buildings trying to achieve what he calls the ultimate rush. He said: ‘When you climb to the top of a skyscraper and open its hatch for the first time, a pure rush of adrenaline hits you as you overlook the city from above.”

I’d happy enough to be able to take photos like these, or to be brave enough to try it. But both? I’ll just appreciate the pros. I don’t think my photography skillz are worth the risk.

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