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10 Ways to Dress Up and Improve a Frozen Pizza

created at: 07/11/2011

When I'm just cooking for myself (i.e. if my special someone is out of town), I can certainly fend for myself nutritionally, but, I'm probably not going to get too culinarily ambitious. I find I either want to cook for lots and lots of folks (hence my two dinner parties over the weekend), or not really mess with it. I mean, who I am gonna impress and treat? Myself? Nah. Plus, I gotta do all the cleanup myself.

So, while I don't like to get take out every night, I'm prolly not gonna make a big mess in the kitchen with fancy fixings. And, probably at least once, when spending an evening huddled away in the basement working on a project, I'll resort to that single-guy staple: the frozen pizza.

Not that I like frozen pizza, of course. But, it does do in a pinch, requires little effort and clean-up, and sorta feels like a treat. But that bland blagh from a box doesn't have to be all bad. Especially if you take it up a notch with some fresh ingredients and clever techniques.   

There are four major components on any pizza: the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and the toppings. Unfortunately, in most frozen pizzas, each of these components is usually lacking, resulting in a substandard pie. So, address each element individually, and you're well on your way for a passable, even respectable, meal.

The crust:

1. Frozen pizza dough is totally different than fresh dough. Since it's flash frozen and has been hanging out in the freezer for whoknowshowlong, frozen dough tends to turn out limp, no matter how hot your oven, since there are so many ice crystals in the dough, sauce, even the cheese and toppings. The pizza essential steams, rather than bakes.

So, in this case, it's best to let it touch as little of a surface as is possible, and that means the oven rack. Forget your pizza stones, your baking sheets, your special pizza pans. Just slide the frozen pie directly onto the rack, positioned in the "second from the bottom" position. Going from the dry cold of your freezer to the dry heat of the oven is your best bet for any hope of a crispy crust.

2. If your pizza comes wrapped in plastic (which they almost always do), try this trick: Before you unwrap it, flip it over onto the box or other flat surface, and take the plastic off just the back. Use a fork or paring knife to punch little holes, or "dock" the dough in the center, where the toppings are. This will allow the steam to escape, and result in a much less-limp crust.

3. Up the flavor of your outer crust just before finishing cooking. When there's about two minutes left, brush the outer ring of crust with garlic butter, garlic oil, or a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of black pepper, and parmesean cheese. Allow it to brown in the oven, which should also help the crispiness factor. Lastly, rub a clove of raw garlic over the browned crust, garlic bread style, for a big flavor boost.

The sauce: 

4. Unfortunately, this is the toughest one, since you simply can't get at that lake of frozen sauce stuck between the crust and the cheese. So, the trick is: add sauce-like things to the pizza when done. A drizzle of high quality extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of fresh herbs like basil and oregano, some dried chile flakes, or fresh tomatoes all work wonders. Yeah, sure, they're technically toppings, but they bring an extra punch of sauce-y flavor, whether red or white.

The cheese:

5. This is the most obvious one: add more cheese. Or rather, add better cheese. Throwing in some fresh mozzarella (beware the water content), or at least a higher quality Italian cheese blend (what you'd use on a homemade pizza) will getcha that ooey, gooeyness that we know from, you know, good pizzas. These are never gonna be artisinal pies that let the simplicity shine, so you might as well enjoy yourself and go cheese crazy.

6. In addition, try adding more complex cheeses to the relatively overly sweet taste of most frozen pizza. You may be tempted to salt a frozen pizza. DON'T. The sodium content on these guys are already out of the roof. If your pizza is bland, it's not cause it isn't salty. It's because it's very, uh, "one-note"...namely, packaged, low-quality pizza. So add some complexity with different cheeses. A grating of good parmigiano or romano will bring that saltiness you're looking for, but also a bit of nuttiness and even some sour notes that will cut through that overly sweetened, corn-syrupy sauce. Or, try some soft feta or farmer's cheese for a contrast with the melty.

The toppings: 

7. More is more. Here's where you can really improve these frostbitten beasts. Basically, any fresh ingredients you can add here will be an improvement over the frozen little nuggets that came with it. Go classic, or use your imagination. Adding traditional flavors like tomato, fresh herbs, higher quality meats and salumi will always be tasty. Fresh or lightly sauteed/grilled veggies are a must, and frozen veggies like peas and corn work quite well.

Try raiding your fridge: look for olives or capers, and use up those leftovers. Rostiserrie chicken or leftover lunch meat will bring some protein, and some chopped onion always adds a nice crunch. If you can't stand the strength of raw onion, try rinsing it in a sieve or colander under cold water for about twenty seconds. It'll take away the sting, and leave you with a good balance of flavor and texture.

One of my favorite tricks is to squirt a basic red and white pizza with some homemade or jarred pesto. It's a great way to use up pesto before it oxidizes, and brings plenty of flavor to the party.    

8. Go nuts. Or, well, add some. Toss on some toasted pinenuts, walnuts, slivered almonds, etc, for a big protein boost, plenty of roasty flavor, and a bit of texture.

9. Get jet set! Sure, pizza is traditionally understood as having Italian-like flavors, but tomatoes and cheese are everybodys friends. Add some goat cheese, thyme, and figs for a French flair, or plenty of olives, feta, oregano, and a squirt of lemon for a taste of Greece. I often add fresh cilantro, black beans, corn, Mexican-style hot sauce and a bit of queso fresco for a Latin punch. It works. Really!

10. Add a salad. Fresh greens atop a pizza is a tasy thing, indeed, and a surefire way to make frozen pizza a complete meal. Toss some tender greens like argula, spring or mesclun mix in fresh lemon juice (or light vinegar), olive oil, course salt, and lots of black pepper. Then, just plant it atop your slices, and enjoy!

Do you have any favorite tricks for amping up frozen pizza? Post 'em in the comments below.

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Pizza Junky on Apr 25, 2020:

I start with a frozen Jacks Supreme and add large pepperonis, onion slices, one small can of sliced black olives, anchovies and finally top with half a bag of mozzeralla cheese. Cooked on pizza stone covered with parchment paper (easy clean-up). 350 degrees oven for 18 minutes. (Rotate pizza half way through, for even cook). Taste almost like resturant style pizza.

Loo Waters on Feb 13, 2020:

Thin crust frozen pizzas turn out best when thawed in the fridge then preheat your stone at 550° for 45 minutes. Slide the pie on to the stone and drop the temp to 425°. Enjoy!

Koe^ on May 09, 2018:

We do this for health,pain &weight loss!Totino's square flatbreads!Tumeric,sage,cumin,cinnammon,olive oil,deli ham(cheaper and better quality),sweet onions thin sliced,an EGG!deli cheese,sharp new york,meunster,provalone,colby jack,all pulled into pieces and placed,top with chives and tomatoes! All together, you spend maybe $2 per pizza,but have to share it!(We eat it like,3 times a week or more and have lost weight,feel better,and it tastes better than take out,which we no longer do!)Thank you for sharing your secrets!(you are ABSOLUTELY an awesome chef!)

Scott on Jan 03, 2018:

Pour Frank's Red Hot Sauce all over the top, add ham, Bridgeford pepperoni, onions, and more cheese. It's outstanding!!

srihari on Dec 11, 2016:

its easy and simple and informative

Anonymous on Sep 07, 2016:

Thanks for the ideas


Anonymous on May 04, 2016:

never had a frozen pizza turn out limp unless ive added heaps of stuff to it that upped the water content.

Derbyiter on Sep 13, 2015:

Just had another basic ( but very SPECIAL pizza night ) & sliced up left over roasted pumpkin & Pasnip, try it it smashes them for a massive '6' well out of thy ground in eating them 😃

chefboydillyd on Sep 13, 2015:

Try this. Melt butter and brush it around the crust and hit that with garlic powder and parm cheese. Delicious

Anonymous on Apr 18, 2015:

I like to slice red onions and soak them in balsamic vinegar. When they bake they carmalize and taste fancy.

B on Apr 06, 2015:

butter dollops..jalapenos. .sea salt and more cheese..greasy salty spicy..yummmm

Alfashon on Feb 18, 2015:

Green olives are a must for me on most pizza.  I also tend to bake the crushed red peppers into my pizza for a bit of extra heat.  Day-old chopped red onions (for extra pungency) are common too.


I like the idea of pricking the crust to allow the steam to escape - never thought of that!  Reminds me of the frozen White Castle slider patties.


As far as tip #9, one of my favorites is to use petite-diced celery, onion, and green bell pepper, slices of Andoullie sausage and a sprinkle of Tony's seasoning for a bit of a cajun kick - This one only works on a plain cheese pizza of course.   A bit of cayenne hot sauce is great with it as well.

Derbyiter on Jan 26, 2015:

Well after reading the above ideas,( Capitals used to stress the point !)

here is one that everyone needs to try doing ;-

You will be amazed... As with almost any fruit will do a massive change, and y'll never ever NOT LEAVE IT OFF ANY YOU MAY HAVE THEREAFTER TO EAT.. BELIEVE ME TRY IT !!!

Anonymous on Sep 26, 2014:

You can put ranch dressing on. It sounds wierd, but it brings alot of DELICOUS flavor!

M.K. Hajdin on Aug 17, 2012:

I put ocvirki (pork cracklings) on mine. That may sound weird, but you can get pork cracklings really easily where I live and I add them to just about anything. My favorite thing to do is take a Spar store brand spinach pizza, add the cracklings and parmesan or Grana Padano cheese, and bake on the bare oven rack. Also, you can crisp up the crust up by putting the pizza in a hot skillet for a minute or two.

jnagel on Dec 17, 2011:

Just add fresh basil.

rkelly on Sep 21, 2011:


Cal on Sep 17, 2011:

Step 1. Wait until Monday (or Tuesday).

Step 2. Get in car and drive to Papa Murphy's.

Step 3. Order a pepperoni pizza for $5.

Step 4. Drive home and put it in the oven.

Connie on Sep 17, 2011:

I like to add sundried tomatoes and feta cheese topped off with some green peppers and spinach for a greek pizza. If the pizza crust is soft and not pre-baked I sometimes flatten the outer crust , add a thin piece of mozzarella cheese and roll the crust up again for a stuffed crust.

rkelly on Sep 09, 2011:

Top with spicy kimchi right out of the fridge.