Jul 07, 2011

The World Map of Useless Stereotypes

I'm an enormous fan of Christoph Niemann's work, and, were I less scrupulous, would probably post every nearly every update from his Abstract Sunday series for the New York Times.

But! I found this one particularly thoughtful, as it both comments on the actual truths it presents, and the crazy map-making infographic phenomenon that's happening about the internet.

Oh, and it's pretty funny.

You must see in full scale to to really appreciate it.   Do that here.


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Jing Poon on Jul 13, 2011:

Not sure of how Asian "prejudice" is a useless stereotype.  It's taught to us in our schools, from an early age, that we are an elite race and all others are inferior.  It's reiterated in our society and media.  When we speak out against this practice, as I have, we are condemned for our opposition to it and called "reverse racists" - whatever the heck that means.  No clue.  

It's reassuring to see that others are aware of this problem.  Maybe it'll encourage those of us who are against it and asian to finally CHANGE IT.

It's not a "useless stereotype", it's a truth.