Creative Gift Guide: 77 Tools and Design Gifts for Makers and Artists

created at: 07/07/2011

For me, summer is that most creative and productive of seasons. It’s a good 10° in my basement workspace, so it’s not tough to head down there and start making stuff. Plus, the long days, good light, and warm weather means you can work outside more, paint dries faster, and everything’s just a bit more inspiring.   Admittedly, when I first found this summer gift guide from Art and Design blog Core77, I was a little confused, cause, at least in my world, folks don’t buy gifts just cause its sunny outside. But, when I read the description, and checked out all the goodies, it all fell into place. Those of us with summer birthdays will thank you.

The summer season is upon us and what better time to dust off the table saw and pull out the workgloves? Fire up your engines for a new challenge or get back to those projects you’ve been procrastinating on with a little help from Core77 and friends! We’ve asked some of our favorite designers from the worlds of craft, hack and DIY to help curate a selection of gifts and gets to inspire you to get your hands dirty and dive, safety-goggles first, into the season for making! 

Core77: Ultimate Summer Gift Guide