How To: Make the Ultimate Bloody Mary with a Bacon Swizzle Stick


The Bloody Mary.

While it certainly has its share of key ingredients: tomato juice, vodka, horseradish, Worcestershire, it’s also somewhat of open canvas on which to cast all sorts of flavors. Do you like some briny olives or pickled peppers in yours? How about some fresh lemon? Do you opt for hot sauce or a few twists of black pepper? Does the celery flavor come from a fresh stalk, celery salt, or both?

But, mainly, when you get right down to it: why doesn’t your Bloody Mary have a bacon swizzle stick? I mean, think about it: bacon and tomato are classic. Bacon and vodka have to be good together. And all those salty, savory umami flavors are a perfect match.

So, let’s make one. Shall we?   Ethan from Tastes Better with Friends has got the lowdown. “The beauty of the Bloody Mary… is that it’s truly open for interpretation and there really isn’t a wrong way to do it. Let’s be honest, when there is an opportunity to add bacon, you must seize it…

There is no set recipe for this as it really depends on how many friends you have over or how much vodka you enjoy in your drink or simply how many bacon stir sticks you want to enjoy or share. I went slightly traditional with this particular version, but there is no wrong way to making a Bloody Mary.”