The Only Five Items You Need for a Home Photo Studio

Most creative types have at least a passing interest in photography. It’s the best way to capture your visual work and share it with others, and I’m sure most of you hear the quote, “Here, you’re artsy. Would you take a photo of us?” when at a gathering of friends or a night out and about.

My own adventure with photography has developed as I’ve begun to make more and more stuff, and created online tutorials of them. When we finally decided to do some published print stuff, I took the leap and bought a DSLR, and I haven’t looked back since.

But, once you figure out the camera situation, you have to get all the lights, tripods, reflectors, sets, etc to worry about. Or…do you?       

Our friends at Photojojo have recently published this great article on the only five items you need to make a medium-scale photo studio, perfect for capturing handmade projects, meals, and other tabletop stuff.

And you probably already have two of them.

You Only Need 5 Things to Make Your Own Home Studio