How To: Make a DIY Hammock from Hardware Store Supplies

I’ve been scheming a DIY hammock for months. There’s a set of trees in the green space near my building that’s perfect for one, and I’ve been thinking through how to go about it? Sew a panel from outdoor fabric? Weave rope into a grid of knots? Then there’s the supports? Wood? Does it need to be curved? Can’t you just buy a kit somewhere?

Then, I saw this cool how-to from Alex Valich, and it took all the guesswork out. It’s constructed from the orange construction fencing, the kind they use to see in the snow. Then, weaved with nylon cord and attach to galvanized pipes to make a cool, retro-y color pallet and a basic design. Plus, no sewing or weaving involved, and you can get all the supplies at the home improvement center.

DIY Hammock [ReadyMade]