How to: Make a Mini S’Mores Grill

created at: 06/13/2011

Sometimes, when the summertime s’mores craving hits you, you can settle for a microwave or oven version. 

And sometimes, you can’t. Which leaves you with the dilemma – do I turn on the gas grill, fire up some charcoal, or build an entire campfire, just for a few expertly toasted marshmallows?

No, of course not. You just need to build a mini s’mores grill.   Which, thanks to this how-to, is pretty easy to do. Just bore a hole in a small cedar grilling plank (available at the grocery store), fill it with a stainless steel souffle cup, and use toothpicks as full. A few nuts and bolts keep it away from its surface. Brilliant!