How to: Make Better S’Mores at Home

Nothing beats a perfectly made s’more in the summer. A fluffy ‘shmallow, roasted oh-so-carefully over glowing coals, then singed at the last possible minute for just a bit of char. (At least, that’s how I like ’em.)   But, in the absense of that smokey fire, homemade s’mores can taste a little…simple, or, like a sorta melted marshmallow with some chocolate and graham crackers.

To give your homemade treats a little complexity, Megan of Not Martha suggests subbing a peanut butter cup for the chocolate bar. “Set the chocolate near the fire to melt while you’re cooking your marshmallow to the the perfect puffy and golden brown state. That way the chocolate is nice and melty and the marshmallow has to do less work. “

Know What’s Good? Peanut Butter Cup S’Mores