How To: Make DIY Veggie Chips for Tasty, Healthy Snacking

created at: 05/18/2011

I work from home, meaning I never keep regular hours, and can always/never been at work. And though I do try, it also means I rarely eat regular meals. Most often, I split my nutrition into six or eight tiny, half-meals…or, you know, snacks. And sometimes, I need those to be crispy, salty snacks. And rather than stuff my self with no-good-for-you, processed junk foods all day, I try to satisfy those cravings with something a bit better for me.

Like veggie chips. And now, with this awesome collection of recipes from Chow, I’ma just make my own in bunches, and munch all week.   “Here’s the thing: Vegetable chips just taste better than potato chips. This is not a subjective call. It’s proven. (Not really, but we all agree, so let’s say it is.) Forget all your preconceptions about vegetable chips being just a tasteless, soulless attempt to convince your brain that you’re eating fatty, carby potato chips. It’s much easier to convince your brain that you’re eating something delicious. Because you are.”

Make Your Own Veggie Chips [Chow]