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Jan 23, 2014

How to: Make a Swedish Flame

Swedish Flame DIY

What's a Swedish flame? Something you can buy at IKEA? No sir.    

Ok, so I definitely had no clue such a thing existed, but according to Comfy Home Decor, a Swedish flame is nothing but a single log that has been cut through the middle, and lit to create a cool bonfire and cooking surface.

Is it safe? I dunno, but I'm guessing since it's Scandinavian, they know a thing or two about battling cold and darkness.

To make your own you need a log, a chainsaw, perhaps a bit of flammable fuel, and a safe, open space.

If this idea indeed works, then it's the best invention ever since you don't need a whole stack of wood to keep it going. I think this is the perfect excuse to get out there (even with the polar vortex) and make a bonfire with friends. Who's gonna bring the marshmallows?

To make your own, follow this easy tutorial on Comfy Home Decor 

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If you can't see a picture if a ciggarette butt without feeling sick, I would suggest that it's maybe you with the problem?
That's neat.. Love sitting around a fire but that looks quick and easy. Is there a wood that's preferred for this method? Will try for sure..

Blech on all the cigarette butts surrounding the base of the log in this photo.  Great idea, though, will try.

They sell these at my local Meijer store. Pre-cut and they comes with a starter.

Soo awesome. "Is it safe? I dunno." Hahah great.

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