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Jun 03, 2015

How to: Make a Swedish Flame

Swedish Flame DIY

What's a Swedish flame? Something you can buy at IKEA? No sir.    

Ok, so I definitely had no clue such a thing existed, but according to Comfy Home Decor, a Swedish flame is nothing but a single log that has been cut through the middle, and lit to create a cool bonfire and cooking surface.

Is it safe? I dunno, but I'm guessing since it's Scandinavian, they know a thing or two about battling cold and darkness.

To make your own you need a log, a chainsaw, perhaps a bit of flammable fuel, and a safe, open space.

If this idea indeed works, then it's the best invention ever since you don't need a whole stack of wood to keep it going. I think this is the perfect excuse to get out there this weekend and make a bonfire with friends. Who's gonna bring the marshmallows?

To make your own, follow this easy tutorial on Comfy Home Decor 


This ManMade post was originally published in January 2014. 

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This is an new take on an old campfire trick. You can use any Dry Hardwood, avoid pine and woods with a high volume of sap or softwoods which cut easily but burn easier, Sumac and the like. 

Using an axe you can split a large log 4-8 ways depending on the size. Attempt to split the log most of the way, drop a small round stone into the split to hold the gap open. If the wood splits completely it is wise to have a section of copper or steel cable/wire to tie the bottom of the log together. Several logs can be split and bound together to make a larger cooking surface. 6-8 feet of wire is handy to tie the log and bind logs together.

If there is not enough heat increase the size of the cracks using a blade and a pebble or stick to open the bottom of the log to provide more oxygen. by making several smaller splits in the center you increase the ease in lighting a column fire.

Depending on your safely locating the fire away from tinder or dry grass, leaf or brush you can be reasonably sure it is a safe. Sterno has been the easiest fuel to start the fire without burning other fuels or rags. 

Cigarettes are the number one littered item in the world. Only 10 percent of butts are disposed of properly; 90 out of a 100 butts. Disgusting. Why?
Maybe it's lit with cig butts....

I don't know about the log thing, but those cigarette butts are totally cool. Where can I get a bunch of those? 


this looks really cool

The world is full of pessimist. HEY EVERYONE, FOCUS ON THE CIGARETTE BUTTS! Come on!!!!!!! Negative Nancies.
btw the ciggie butts Definately add character to the picture. forgot to say once rag is stuffed in light carefully. Still great idea.
our local garden centre had them for years and recently stopped doing them due Rio lack of interest. Wood got to be dried out for weeks first then a fuel soaked rag to get it started pushed deep down then wood catches.
Aw geez.......the butts are from people sitting around the fire, visiting, smoking, boasting, and flipping the butts at the base of the wood ash. They are not part of the planning. 😛
Used this several times! Awesome. I have to ask, how much do they sell them for at Meijer?
I tried it one time. It's a cool way to have a nice small fire. I use a piece of red oak about 15 to 18 inches around. It was kinda hard getting started at first but once it started it lasted about a hour or so.

Fun Times.... 

I'm not sure why Anonymous thinks cigarette butts all over the planet is okay.  Cigarettes cause any number of health problems, and those of us who do not smoke (ew) don't really want to look at the refuse of those of you who do.  Field strip that sh1t and throw them away later, if you must, but quit polluting the planet with yoru nonsense.

Has anyone tried this yet? Looks amazing!
If you can't see a picture if a ciggarette butt without feeling sick, I would suggest that it's maybe you with the problem?
That's neat.. Love sitting around a fire but that looks quick and easy. Is there a wood that's preferred for this method? Will try for sure..

Blech on all the cigarette butts surrounding the base of the log in this photo.  Great idea, though, will try.

They sell these at my local Meijer store. Pre-cut and they comes with a starter.

Soo awesome. "Is it safe? I dunno." Hahah great.

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