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May 21, 2013

Stunning Photos of Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments

Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments

These aren’t set pieces from the latest action/sci-fi flick... they're stunning pieces of socialist modern architecture, abandoned since the fall of the Easten Bloc.

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Photographer Jan Kempenaers, takes us through a journey through time with these images of former Yugoslavia monuments. It’s hard to believe that such amazing structures have been sitting dormant for so long! The design is incredible and worthy of documenting.

Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments

These avant-garde monuments are a mix of architecture and art.  Built as a Socialist beacon of strength, they no longer have the same significance they once did. Regardless of the social movement they may have represented, they serve now as inspiration for forward thinking design in modern buildings.

Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments

Can you imagine being there, alone, staring at them? So powerful.

Abandoned Yugoslavian Monuments

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Yugoslavia was socialist, not soviet.

There is a book called socialist architecture: the vanishing act by Armin Linke and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss that has quite a few photos like these. The 'blob with the ramp' is one that appears in the book. It's worth having a look at.

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