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Jun 09, 2014

How to: Make a DIY Natural Hair Pomade

created at: 06/10/2014

I've admitted it before on ManMade: I'm a hair product guy. I have a very short forehead, and rather thick and heavy hair, and if I don't put a little hold in it to get it off my brow, I just look sad and like I don't know how to comb my hair. 

So, after shelling out $18.95 for little tubs of purple wax, I'm interested in this recipe by Ryan Foy for a DIY solution. It's mostly just beeswax and coconut oil and with a little peppermint oil for scent. 

created at: 06/09/2014

Get the full recipe at Momtastic: DIY Hair Pomade for Father’s Day (All-Natural!) 




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Harder than a wax candle. Easy enough though.

nice info....thx for the tutorial

From what I could tell through Google research, Ryan's recipe is pretty consistent with other DIY pomades and a mustache wax recipe I've used. I made up a batch this afternoon with a few modifications based on this recipe from a woman that makes homemade products and made pomade for her husband (link below). Testing it out now. Like most pomades I've tried, It's not a heavy hold like a gel or paste, but neither is it oily, which my scalp will appreciate. I'll give it a few days and tries before a final judgement, but so far it's meeting expectations.
Looks great and all but very curious as to how well it works. After reading Ryan's info at the bottom and seeing he's a web design and creative guy I'm a little weary to guinea pig this stuff on my head. Anyone have any feedback in trying this themselves?
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