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Jan 07, 2013

Make Smart Food Choices with the Clever "Should I Eat This $#!*"

created at: 01/07/2013

Whether you're trying to uphold a resolution for 2013 or just need a little more swear words as you check out the nutritional value of various foodstuffs, you should check out "Should I Eat This $#!*" ManMade reader Matthew sent in his new project, saying, "some friends and I are launching a site we created called Should I Eat This Shit? where you can go and type in a food and it will tell you whether you should eat something or not based on it's nutrition. This is pretty much all it does. It made us laugh."

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When you ask about a nutritionally-friendly option, you find this encouragement:

created at: 01/07/2013


And if it's something you might want to avoid, the site suggests:

created at: 01/07/2013

Check it out at 

Thanks, Matthew!


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