Jul 20, 2011

Shake: Still Photos of Dogs in Motion

created at: 07/20/2011

There are those things in life of which most of us will never tire. Like: seeing things that move super fast captured with high-speed cameras, or that funny thing that dogs always do where they turn their heads to the side, as if to say, "Say what?!"

created at: 07/20/2011

   "Shake," a series of portraits by Carli Davidson, captures the best of both of those. I'm not a dog owner, but come on, people. If you don't love these, your heart is made of concrete.

created at: 07/20/2011

created at: 07/20/2011

Shake by Carli Davidson

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johnk on Jul 20, 2011:

The last one reminds me of the Willow Smith song "Whip my hair"