Why A Toothbrush Is Our New Favorite Detailing Tool

Asian man in checkered shirt washing a marble kitchen counter
Photo Credit: Rodnae Productions from Pexels

We’ve all been there before! The dreaded house clean before the in-laws come to town. The wife hands over a list of duties to complete and they need to be checked off by the time her parents arrive. Gee, thanks hon! I don’t know about your in-laws, but mine like to play home inspector when they come over. Barbra is going to show up and run her gloved fingers across the fire mantle. Bob is going to inspect all the areas I haven’t even figured out need cleaning yet. This is going to be fun. Can you sense the sarcasm yet?

There’s always that one little spot you just can’t quite reach with a cloth or sponge. Either the space is too narrow, or you can’t quite reach far enough to catch it.  You did the best you could. But, your wife finds that item sooner than later and points it out, and lets you know that her parents will notice. The task seems impossible. You’ve washed that vase 3 times now and you can’t get that spot. Maybe if I just toss the vase in the garbage, we could eliminate this issue altogether? Nope, the wife doesn’t agree with that one. Back to the drawing board.

I figured it out! What if I told you there is a tool for getting into these hard to reach places and you have it in your home right now. That’s right. There is no need to drive to the hardware store or to order a product online. This item is literally right under your nose (especially in the morning and evening). Have you guessed it yet?

The Almighty Toothbrush Is Our Secret Weapon

Wood toothbrush in mason jar with green tape
Photo Credit: Laura Mitulla from Unsplash

The good ol’ faithful toothbrush hangin’ in your bathroom is your new best cleaning pal. That’s right; a toothbrush isn’t only used for human hygiene. It’s a multi-purpose tool used for cleaning lots of other places. This mini scrub brush will reach some of the toughest spots you can find. So think twice before you go tossing out your next toothbrush. 

Toothbrush House Cleaning 101

When a toothbrush is ready to toss, place it with your cleaning supplies. Check out our toothbrush maintenance 101 to know when your toothbrush is ready to toss. Be careful though, you want to make sure you keep these toothbrushes separate from the ones you put in your mouth. 

A little pro tip: Put a piece of tape around the handle. This will help identify that this is a cleaning toothbrush. 

Now, depending on which type of toothbrush you have, the bristles may be hard or soft. Use your soft bristle brushes in areas you don’t want to scratch up. Use the hard bristle brushes for areas that require a harder scrub.   

After that, all you need is an old toothbrush, hot water, and soap, or your favorite cleaning product. Soak, scrub, rinse and repeat. A toothbrush handle even has a comfortable rubber grip to stop your hands from slipping!

soft bristle toothbrushes in green, white and red
Photo Credit: Filip Baotic from Unsplash

The Options Are Endless When It Comes To This Handy Cleaning Tool

Here are some examples of areas and items around the house that may require a good toothbrush cleaning: 

Sink Strainer

white and orange toothbrush cleaning metal sink strainer
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Your sink is constantly being used and getting dirty. You may think you have cleaned your dink but have you ever looked down your sink drain?  The strainer down there catches all those yucky leftovers while scrubbing dishes. Those food bits can get stuck inside and it requires a good deep clean every once in a while.  It’s a sharp metal area that can be tough to scrub with a cloth or sponge. So, pull out the toothbrush and go to town on those metal parts safely. Add this to your home maintenance list if it isn’t already.  

Dishwasher Filter

Man pulling dishwasher rack out
Photo Credit: Wendelin Jacober from Pexels

Another area that secretly builds up gross gunk on the daily is the dishwasher. If someone hasn’t told you this already, listen up. ALWAYS KEEP THAT FILTER CLEAN. Avoiding this home maintenance task could end up clogging the filter and busting your pump. It’s not a cheap fix, trust me.

Tile Grout

Purple, orange and white toothbrush scrubbing dirty tile grout
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Tile grout can be tricky to clean. The toothbrush is perfectly narrow enough to focus in on those grout lines. You may need a few toothbrushes on hand for this task.

Window Tracks

Build up window tracks are a pain. You usually end up with a smelly pile of gunk stuck in one end of the window frame when using a cloth. Use the toothbrush to pull that gunk out and rid of it completely. 

Toothbrush bristles cleaning window track
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Shower Head

shower head with water coming out
Photo Credit: Pexels-Pixabay

Soak your showerhead in vinegar for 30 minutes, then use the toothbrush to squeeze in those little holes and remove all that mineral build-up stuck inside. 

Wood Grain Debris

You can get that debris stuck in wood grain out with the simple dry brushing. Run the bristles along the grain and blow away the dust. 

Purple toothbrush cleaning wood
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Bathtub Jets

Often, dirt gets stuck under jet coverings. Gently use the toothbrush to dislodge any debris stuck around the edges and inside the jet. . 

Orange toothbrush cleaning inside tub jet
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Hummingbird Feeder

Humming bird on glass feeder with wings open
Photo Credit: Joyful from Unsplash

If you have ever owned one, you know these things are tough to clean. Luckily the toothbrush is the perfect cleaning tool for this!

Narrow Vases

A vase is a perfect example of a hard to reach place. Honestly, who designed these things? You have to squeeze the cloth in the small opening and try to maneuver it around the inside glass without losing grip. God forbid you lose grip of that cloth and it slips into the hole of no return! You’ll spend some time getting that out, trust me. A toothbrush fits perfectly down the stem, allowing you to get a good scrub in those tough spots. 

Orange toothbrush cleaning glass vase
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

So next time you go to toss your toothbrush, DONT! Save it and store it with your cleaning supplies. Besides, who doesn’t love free tools?