The Best Places to Learn How to Restore Vintage Tools on YouTube

I love watching new things get made. But as equally invigorating? 

Watching old things get repaired and restored.

There are plenty of reasons to fix old things: keeping them out of the landfill, learning how they're made, making a little extra jingle, appreciating the products around us that we take for granted, cultivating the mindset of taking better stewardship of our surroundings.

Thankfully for the world, there are a lot of people doing this for the love of the act, because they spend countless hours in their workshops and upload their process videos for free viewing on YouTube.

Read on for our top picks of tool (and other) restoration YouTube channels!

Tool Restoration Channels

Not only is it poetic to reclaim tools for their original purpose, but man, it's just so cool.

1. Hand Tool Rescue

These guys specialize in saving antique tools from the dump and getting them back in working order, from an 1879 wrench to a chainsaw from the 1960's. You can shop their restored tools, as they finish them, at their website.

2. Restore It

It looks like this guy is just getting started uploading restoration videos, and I already love this channel. I particularly like the paint job on this drill housing.

3. Andre Will Do It

This channel is worth checking out, if but for this butcher's cleaver restoration alone.

4. Marek Tabi

This channel is a balance of restoration and original makes. Featured: a really satisfying axe restoration. 


5. Black Beard Projects

This guy's restoration work seems to center around really heavy industrial tools.

Random Restoration Channels

Not only is it fun to watch tools being restored, it's fun to watch anything rise up out of the junk heap.

6. The 8-Bit Guy

Restoration isn't relegated to stuff built prior to the 1950's! This is a really entertaining channel from a guy who restores computers, video game systems, and synthesizers from the 80's. 

8. Phoenix Typewriter

This is a ridiculously thorough collection of typewriter repair videos.

9. Adrian Straub

I could spend a lot of time on this jack-of-all-trade's repair & restoration channel.

10. Really Random Channel

As the name suggests, this guy started out shooting videos of “What would happen if I…?” scenarios, but recently he seems to have switched over to producing high-quality restoration footage. 

11. WheelsNThangs

This guy strips down beaten-up Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and builds them back up.

12. Matt Green

This guy has a really extensive feed of restoring Mini Coopers.

What are your favorite restoration channels, tools or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!