How to: Make a Terrifying Zombie-fied Teddy Bear

Halloween Teddy DIY

If you’re the kind of person whose sense of humor tends towards the dark and creepy, this DIY undead teddy bear project will do nicely (terribly?…)

Say goodbye to Mr. CuddlyTeddy and say hello to Mr. IAmGoingToEatYourBrains. Charming, right?

This project The Suprise-Aholic is just scary enough and seemingly easy to make. Oh, and it has lots of potential to freak people out. Armed with only a few materials like scissors, fake blood, flour, water, and a couple of other things – you can get ready to go all Walking Ted on this bear.

Awful. Perfectly awful.

For the full tutorial, visit The Surprise-Aholic: Terror Teddy DIY