Ryobi Airstike Nail Gun Review

There is nothing that brings me more joy than purchasing a new tool! Most of us start with a shop filled with handed down roughed up tools that will get us by for a few years. They’re usually well worn and rusted, missing parts, or discontinued. 

Last weekend, my brad nailer went kaput. It had been handed down from my dad and was on the fritz for a while, so I wasn’t overly surprised when it spat out its final nail. I was, however, annoyed by the timing of the occurrence. The worst part about having a shop full of passed down tools is that they usually crap out mid-use, leaving you stalled on the job. 

Filling your shop with power tools is expensive though and isn’t something that happens right away. The logical and cost-effective way to up your inventory is to replenish and upgrade each tool as they breakdown, over time. I was relieved and excited when my brad nailer stopped working. It meant that I had an opportunity to invest in a new tool with new features!

Old and rustic tool wall of metal tools.
Photo Credit: Pixabay from Pexels

Brand Trust is Everything

Purchasing a brand new tool is a big deal! The first step is determining which features and specs are important to you. It’s a good time to take advantage of all the things you wished had been included with the previous tool.

Many product boxes contain the same bolded words describing the core features. So knowing what each brand can offer is just as important as knowing what you’re getting inside the box. Luckily, I had a trusted brand in mind and quickly located the perfect nailing replacement tool in a few quick clicks. One of the best parts about having a trusted tool brand is feeling confident with your purchase. For some people, it might be DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee. But for me, it’s Ryobi. 

row of Ryobi power tools
Photo Credit: Jesse Tellier

Obi-Wan Ryobi

Ryobi has been my go-to tool brand for several years. These bright green power tools are filling up hardware store shelves and are hard to miss. Not only are they easy to locate (especially on a job site), they have some of the most impressive compact cordless power options available on the market.

There is something to be said about the convenience of transporting these tools. Just like a Jedi and his lightsaber, these lightweight tools are a constant companion and can easily go where you go. 

So far, I have invested in the Ryobi circular-saw, hand drill, impact drill, palm sander, orbital hand sander, a sanding belt, leaf blower, and grass snippers. All of these tools have proved to be a worthy and reliable purchase, hence why I keep going back for more. 

group shot of Ryobi tools on a wood table against rustic wood background
Photo Credit: Jesse Tellier


Say hello to my new little friend, the Ryobi Airstrike 18-gauge Brad Nailer. This powerful hand tool has impressive talents that took it to the top of my want list. Here are some of the features and reasons that this tool is my new favorite shop toys:

Ryobi Airstrike 18-gauge Brad Nailer $129.00

hand holding green and black Ryobi airstrike nail gun on a wood background
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

AirStrike technology

If you haven’t heard of this tech term before, it implies cordless convenience! No more loud, heavy compressors or bulky cords involved! This was a highlighted upgrade on my list. It even comes included with an air pressure dial to control air force speeds. 

air pressure dial on ryobi airstrike nail gun
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Mode Variability 

This switch here is for drive control. Choose from a single sequential or contact actuation mode to better suit the task on hand.

mode variability setting on Ryobi airstrike
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Adjustment Applications

These settings control the depth of drive. Fine-tuning this dial will add a level of finesse to all of your DIY projects.

Depth adjustment setting on ryobi airstrike nail gun
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier


This handy feature provides a nice bright LED beam to the surface as you grip on the trigger. It enhances precision, especially in smaller or shaded areas. 

grip light on ryobi airstrike nail gun reflecting off wood
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Marring Pads

These replaceable rubber pads protect project surfaces, preventing dents and marks ups which can easily be caused by the pressure and weight of the gun. 

marring pad on ryobi airstrike nail gun after inserting a nail in wood
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

18V ONE+ Batteries

The interchangeable 18V battery holds an impressive charge! This is extra convenient, especially when I take my tools on the road.

ryobi battery charger and 2 batteries in a workshop
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

The Price Is Right

 A good cordless nail gun usually costs a pretty penny. When I price checked the internet, Dewalt’s lowest starting cordless nail gun was $249.00. The Milwaukee 18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Gen II 18-Gauge Brad Nailer cost $279.00. This beautiful Ryobi cordless 18 gauge nail gun cost me $129.00!

Talk bang for your buck. The best part was, I didn’t need to purchase any batteries or docking stations. But, if I did, it still would have cost less than the other two brands, which did not include a battery. 

Replacement parts and hardware are reasonable as well. A new battery goes for $33.00 on Amazon. I even found 1000 18 gauge nails for $5.88. 

Ryobi cordless nail gun with 18 gauged arrow nails
Photo Credit: Jess Tellier

Overall, I am more than satisfied with my new purchase. I can’t seem to stop looking for new tasks to complete with it. If you’re in the market for a new nail gun, I highly recommend you pick up the Ryobi Airstrike. 

Ryobi Airstrike 18-gauge Brad Nailer for only $129.00