ManMade’s Submit A Project Series: Oven Transformation

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For today we have a submission from Jerry G, who wants to show off his oven that looks as good as new after a thorough cleaning.

So how did Jerry take his oven from looking like this:

dirty oven door with grime build up
Photo Credit: Jerry G

To looking like this?

sparkling clean oven door
Photo Credit: Jerry G

After years of neglecting his oven, he decided enough was enough; it was time to tackle all that baked on grime and dirt. Jerry dried a few natural remedies first like a baking soda paste, but when that wasn’t effective he took a trip to Home Depot and found the Weiman Cook Top Cleaning Kit.

oven cleaning kit resting on open door
Photo Credit: Jerry G

The kit itself came with the oven cleaner, a brush for applying and scrubbing in the product, as well as a scraper to use on the tougher areas.

About 15 minutes of scrubbing later, and Jerry is now able to actually see through the window into his oven!