DIY Mailbox Christmas Tree That’s Unmatched

The holiday season is the best time as you will get to enjoy being festive inside your home and spend time with your family. However, this season, you can take things outside while hanging out with your loved ones by tackling a DIY project that will bring cheer to everyone who passes by your home. You can turn your regular mailbox into a focal decoration point by making it into a Christmas tree, perfect for signaling Santa where to leave the gifts.

Shopping List For This Project

Before you begin building your mailbox Christmas tree, you will need to head to the store to gather a few items that you will likely not have ready at home. A few of those items that you will need will include:

Step-by-Step DIY Guide For Creating a Mailbox Christmas Tree

With your supplies ready and a family ready to tackle this festive DIY together, you can embark on creating a truly golly decoration that will surely wow this holiday season. Here are the steps to follow to recreate this mailbox Christmas tree at your home:

Create the Christmas Tree Frame With PCV Pipes

Mailbox surrounded by PCV pipe as frame for Christmas tree.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

Wrap Garland Around the PCV Pipe Frame

Man wrapping garland around the mailbox.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

Wrap Christmas Lights (Optional, not recommended for snowy areas)

Man wrapping lights around the garland on the mailbox.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

If you choose to add lights, source an extension cable that is rated for outside use, which usually means a covered connection for the plugs.

Adjust and Fix Up the Garland and Christmas Lights

Garland wrapped around a mailbox to create a Christmas tree.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

Add Decorations and Ornaments

A mailbox Christmas tree.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

Turn On the Lights and Enjoy

A mailbox Christmas tree with decorations.
Photo Credit: The Lawn Tools

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Nothing is more cheerful during the holidays than a Christmas tree unless you have one outside for the entire neighborhood to enjoy! We really love this idea from this creative DIYer and can’t wait to review submissions from you that will showcase the many unique personalities out there.