A Music Video for ManMakers: This Too Shall Pass

created at: 03/03/2010

Thriller…pshaw. That only required yellow contacts and a bunch of dancing. This, my friends, is the most ambitious music video of the last thirty years.

“When OK Go said they were building a giant Rube Goldberg machine for the new video for ‘This Too Shall Pass,’ we knew they would have one heck of a surprise in store. Still, the new clip, which debuted Monday evening, went beyond our already lofty expectations. Beginning with a simple toy truck running into dominoes, the nearly four-minute chain reaction is, to put it plainly, astonishingly complex and incredibly fun. “

Pay attention: there’s no editing here, at least that I can see. It’s one take. That means everytime one tiny thing didn’t quite line up, or the cameraman stumbled just a bit, they had to start over.

created at: 03/03/2010

OKGo – This Too Shall Pass