Soldering is Easy: A Comic Book (Free Download)

I’ma go out on a limb here, and say that knowing how to solder is an essential skill for any creative person. Make no mistake: I know nothing about capacitors and breadboards, nor programming or arduinos. In fact, part of the reason I founded ManMade was to complement that version of the maker/hacker website by bringing in less tech-heavy approaches to creativity.

But, regardless of whether or not I’m ever gonna build a robot (I’m not), I think knowing how to solder is super important for DIY projects. Making a lamp from plumbing pipes really benefits from knowing your wires are gonna stay together inside the thing; just this weekend, I retrieved my first “grownup” instrument – a Peavey Fury bass guitar in all its 1994 red/white glory – from a family member who’d borrowed it years ago, thinking it broken, and I fixed it just by soldering some ground wires that had come loose.

It is, as this free downloable comic book from Andie’s Log states, easy.   “Want to learn how to solder? This 7 page comic book explains in detail and with pictures how to make a good solder connection,and the bits and pieces of knowledge surrounding this that you need to for an electronics project.”

Andie says, “Hot off the pdf printing machines – the extended comic book version of Mitch Altman’s soldering teachings! (It’s a revised and extended version of the the one-page comic I made last year.)

Soldering is easy, and with this comic we hope to show just how easy. Please use this to learn how to solder, to teach others, or as material for workshops and hackerspaces! 

This has been in the making for a long time, and finally got finished with some great editor work from Jeff Keyzer. The script is by Mitch, and I have done the comics adaptation of it in collaboration with Mitch and Jeff.”

Soldering is Easy: The Comic Book