Modern Quilts for Manly Men

Luke Haynes is a fiber artist, and probably the most unique and talented quilter I’ve ever seen. And, awesomely enough, is a dude.


From Luke’s artist statement (and I’m super encouraged that there are quilter’s with artist statements): 

My most recent works have been investigating nostalgia and function. I work with quilts because they embody these subconsciously while lending a unique materiality to the process and resultant product. I can work with disparate pieces of fabric and create a cohesive final product that is greater than the sum of its parts. Within contemporary quilt making people are exploring ways of using fabric as a medium for both functional quilts as well as wall hangings. The resultant dialogue between quilting as a pastime of assembling purchased fabrics and quilting as a skill of constructing usable objects from unusable cloth reflects a current societal tension. For each viewer the alchemy is within the craftsmanship and creative eye of the quilter and their work.

Learn more, including a cool time lapse video of Luke working, on or his Etsy shop.

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