How To: Print Your Own Fabric

As I’m sure you’ve noted my lots of my original projects on ManMade, I’m a fan of projects with clean lines, but that were still made by hand. So, I’m big on printmaking, as it allows for a well-organized, consistent look on a piece that’s still handmade.

And, of course, we’re huge fans of craft projects that are handmade from start to finish, so the ability to print your own fabric, and then create an awesome project from it. Be still my crafty heart… (I, of course, never actually say things like that, but I’m trying some new stuff out. Whatcha think?)

The talented Karina from Maple Ash and Oak stopped by Poppytalk and shared some super easy instructions for created super contemporary handprinted fabric at home. Can’t find what you want at the local quilters/scrapbookers emporium? Don’t start looking online. Just make your own!

“No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Most of the supplies are household items and the rest can be found at your local art or craft store.”


DIY: Print Your Own Fabric