You’ll Never Guess How These “Stones” are Made

Take a quick look at the photo above. From what do you think the stones are made?  Well, okay, so some of them are made from actual rock, but the others, the stripey ones with the colors?

They’re books!

The artist, Pamela Paulsrud, says, “[During] a quiet early morning walk on the beach…small stones usually found their way into my pockets to be fondled, re-examined or sometimes forgotten. Small stone piles began to form in and around my house. I have chosen the book in sculptural form to explore these narratives of the landscape. The book has been the vehicle of language across the ages. I consider it an intrinsically visual experience, a spatial and tactile object whose form is fundamental to conveying its message. Through the physicality and visual suggestions I hope to not only produce a book and image simultaneously, but also to convey a language in the absence of text that speaks of the complex interaction of nature and humanity.”

Deep for sure, but I wonder how the stones were made. Simply huge volumes that were carved away, or some kind of fancy folding or gluing technique.

What are your thoughts?

Touchstones by Pamela Paulsrud

via Recyclart