How To: Make a Seed Bomb

Spring keeps hinting it’s going to show up around my house: the sun will say hello for a hour or two, the birds will test out their morning songs before disappearing, and I haven’t seen one of those awful, gross and gray snow piles in the last few days. I’m looking out the window, and I can almost hear that suite from Peer Gynt that they always played in Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Sounds likes it to drop a bomb.   

A seed bomb, of course. While you may be working hard to get your own seedlings for fruits and veggies for your own garden, don’t forget the bare spots, abandoned lots, and dead commercial development spaces around your neighborhood that could use some fresh blooms as well.

I’ve seen these a lot in the hip gift shops and museum stores, and love this DIY version:

The seed bomb is cheap compared to buying transplants, is natural and organic, easy to make, pocket sized, and you can easily cover a large area with seed bombs in a very short time. The seed bomb is also a great weapon in the guerrilla gardeners arsenal when the guerrilla gardener needs to quickly get the job done.

Whether you want to make a public statement, or just make a positive contribution, these seem easy, inexpensive, and a great weekend project to do with little ones or to give as gifts.

How to Make a Seed Bomb