Feb 23, 2010

How To: Make an Eight Pack of Crayon Rockets!

John Coker loves rockets, and couldn't help but notice the similarities between a rockets aerodynamic shape - long skinny body, pointed nose cone, etc - and a classic Crayola crayon.

So he got to thinking...And after ten years, he finally figured it out.So, when I first went to JCRocket.com to check it out, I was really hoping for some actual sized wax Crayola crayons, hollowed out and filled with rocket goodies to make them explode and shoot primary colors straight up into the air.

Turns out, John actually built a custom set of eight crayon-like rockets and a special launch box:

So, different, but still pretty cool. And John provides a complete how-to, including parts, paint colors, and diagrams to make them to scale.

Read all about it here.



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Chris on Feb 23, 2010:

The summer I turned 11, I went to space camp, and I was the only one whose rocket didn't launch, and all the guys made fun of me. But, at the end of the week, all three girls on the team asked if they could be my girlfriend, so I figured it evened out.

bruno on Feb 23, 2010: