Where the Ink Meets the Skin: A Gallery of Typographic Tattoos

created at: 03/07/2011

When you set about getting your skin stained with some permanent art, you better believe you gotta pick the right typeface. “From ampersands to poetry verses, Body Type 2: More Typographic Tattoos presents a spectrum of word and letterform tattoos collected by art director, design critic, and photographer Ina Saltz. Many of the personal stories behind these permanent inscriptions are poignant, surprising, or both; in Body Type 2, Saltz pairs tattoo images with tattoo stories to good effect.”

created at: 03/07/2011

This dude gets extra points for his geeky graphic design reference.

If you’re not down with the permanence of tattoos, but wanna play a bit with the imagery, check out this cool tattoo-like font set spied by MacWorld

Where the Ink Meets the Skin [Mother Jones]