How To: Make an Awesome Lego Chess Set

I know the rules of chess. That doesn’t mean I know much about playing it well, but I know how the little guys move and that you’re supposed to say “check” a lot and not let anyone get your queen, cause even though the king is the point of the game, the queen is actually more awesome, just like in every American household and royalty-having country across the globe.  

I also haven’t touched LEGOs in might long time, especially since its nearly impossible to just buy bricks any more, and all you can find in the toy store are complex sets of Atlantis and the City and Hemingway novels…or something like that.

Anyway, this handmade LEGO chess set is cool, and if you wanna make your own, Chessman908 has got the goods.

Awesome LEGO Chess Set [Instructables]