How to Make Your Own Photo Gadget Pouches

created at: 02/17/2011

You’ve probably seen them: tiny zippered pouches, big enough to carry business cards, or a to use as a small wallet, printed with photorealistic images of hamburgers, vinyl records, etc. And you’ve probably thought, “kinda cool idea, but I’d rather a cassette tape I actually like, or a camera from own collection.”

Okay, no problem. Just make your own.

created at: 02/17/2011

   The geniuses at Photojojo have figured out a way to shoot and print your own pouches, thanks to the printable inkjet canvases now available at your local office supply store.

“We’ve been seeing these little pouches in hipster gift stores that look like tacos, cassette tapes, pizza, etc. And we thought, “That’s so easy, we could totally make those ourselves!”

So we did. And now we’re gonna tell you how. You can make yours look like anything, but we’re going to start with one that looks like a vintage camera.”

Make a Photorealistic Gadget Pouch