How to: Make Your Own M??bius Table

created at: 02/17/2011

A Möbius strip is a looping figure with only one side and edge. The Möbius table takes its inspiration from that mathematical surface with a continuous, undulating base, which “flares and narrows in six arcs, creating a look of poised animation.” 

Maker and furniture designer Sean Michael Ragan created his own version of the Möbius table from hardware store parts and without resorting to fancy woodworking techniques or complex geography.  

created at: 02/17/2011

Sean’s “Fauxbius” table uses aluminum hose goosenecks and dowel rods in its base, creating a very similar shape and effect. The use of poplar dowels makes it very inexpensive, but I’d love to see it with some handmade, router table walnut dowels, or a nice dark, warm stain on the wood. 

I’m what you’d call a window-shopper when it comes to modern furniture. As much as I like to peruse design catalogs I just can’t imagine paying the prices. So when I came across a coffee table with a cool-looking endless looping base, I figured I could come up with a similar version without shelling out $600—or anywhere close to that. Originally, I thought I’d use PVC wyes for the corners. But when I was poking around the hardware store I stumbled across some aluminum hose goosenecks in the plumbing-supply aisle. I don’t know what the heck they’re supposed to be used for, but they fit 7/8-inch dowels perfectly.

Fauxbius Table