How To: Make an HDTV Antenna and Get Free Channels

created at: 02/16/2011

John wanted to watch Watson take on the Jeopardy champs this week, but wasn’t a cable subscriber. With only 30 minutes til the IBM behemoth was set to swamp Ken and Brad, he got creative…and watched the show, for free!

“With only about 30 minutes until the show started, I didn’t have time to make one of those fancy wood and coat hanger designs you’ve probably seen around the internet. I had to make do with just this spool of copper wire and some cardboard.

coaxial cable
hdtv antenna

I stuck one end of the wire into the coaxial cable port on the back of my HDTV, wrapped the other end of the wire around a cardboard tube, and stuck the tube in my window.”

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