How to: Make Mini Office Supply Book Covers for Matchbooks (Free Download)

created at: 02/14/2011

I’ll admit it; I have a particular penchant for miniatures. Not small things, but tiny versions of normal-sized stuff. Generally, I like things that play with scale, I like the “how do they do that?” aspect, and, c’mon, mini things are adorable!

So, I love these super cool tiny books, which made from matchbooks and actually serve as office supply storage, are a quick DIY project who’s reward just keeps on giving. Put these on your desk, and there’s no way you won’t be inspired.

created at: 02/14/2011

Heather says,

I found a photo of some mini office supply matchboxes on kootoyoo, and I was enchanted by them. Maybe it’s the dollhouse miniatures series that Rhonda has been working on, or maybe it’s just because I love little things. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find these products at a store near me, so made my own mini office supply matchboxes. I made four different covers: for rubber bands, thumb tacks, paper clips, and gummed reinforcements. I was inspired by a vintage Dennison Gummed Reinforcements box for the last one. 

She’s even provided a free printable so you can whip a few up in no time!

Mini Office Supply Bookcovers for Matchbooks