Jan 10, 2011

Mike's Masculine Vintage Home Tour

created at: 01/10/2011

As a professional interior designer, Michael Murphy has had plenty of time to curate and cultivate his own style, so named masculine vintage. "It is a design philosophy that explores the ideas of color and shape with materials and patterns. The palette is cool and controlled. The shapes are formed and in scale. The objects are found and weathered with time and use. The overall effect is a warm space that will allow control in its clutter and comfort for it inhibitor. The word masculine I define not as man, but as a sense of being. I welcome the entire color palette but it’s the control of the world being created with the use of wood and objects that define what “Masculine vintage” is to me as a designer."   created at: 01/10/2011

created at: 01/10/2011

" “The dining room table is fashioned out of an old drafting board I found in the trash. I took it home, refinished and re-waxed the top and added the 1950’s hairpin legs - now I can drop the table down to 14 inches, or raise it to buffet table height.” Mike is charmed with sidewalk luck, having discovered many of his best pieces on the streets of New York and Philadelphia. But of his amazing history with street finds, he says those days over. “Yeah...I don't recommend that anymore because of bed bugs - it’s out of my repertoire these days.”"

created at: 01/10/2011

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