The 20KRKR…Or, How to Make a Rocking Chair from Shipping Pallets and Cardboard

created at: 01/03/2011

“Every year, the Rural Studio, a program of Auburn University’s architecture school, located in Hale County, Alabama, pursues a research project called the 20K House.  [They] build a house on a budget of $20,000 that can be a sustainable, safe, spacious, dignified replacement for the mobile home. Each prototype is then documented and will hopefully become a model that can be replicated across the rural south for low-income homeowners.”

created at: 01/03/2011

This year, the 20K house featured a fine front porch, a staple of Southern culture, and Wholman wanted to create a porch-worthy rocking chair with the same spirit of the 20K challenge. He came up with this incredible design, which forms the chair from upcycled shipping pallets and cardboard shipping tubes.The design is actually pretty awesome, and I love the commitment to clever material reuse. A+

And, oh, I get it. The Twenty-kay-rock-er. Fun.

The 20KRKR [Instructables]