How To: Build an Igloo in your Backyard

created at: 12/29/2010

Today’s been a day of snow and special places, so let’s finish it up with the perfect combo: a handmade igloo in your very own backyard. I mean, it’s cold outside, you’ve probably got some extra time off this week, and when it’s all over, you’ve got an igloo in your backyard. Oh, and its free.

Win, win.

“Skip the condo in Vail and make a snow dome for free. Igloos, or iglu as they were originally called by the Inuit of the Central Canadian Arctic and Greenland, are surprisingly comfy—insulated from the driving snow, but still one with the great outdoors. You can make a snow castle in three to six hours; if done right, it will last as long as the season is cold. Add a few hides, illuminate with candles, and you’ve got a Ralph Lauren winter fantasy.”

See how it’s done at ReadyMade.