How To: Lots of Ideas to Make DIY Luminaries

created at: 12/20/2010

One of my favorite holiday memories is of making luminaries to light the walk on Christmas eve. We’d gather with the other kids from our church, and fill paper lunch bags with sand, and then set a candle and light up the sidewalks of the entire block. I was always amazed that the bags didn’t catch on fire, but mostly, I was amazed they’d let me play with a lighter, which I was definitely not allowed to do at home.

But, paper bags and play sand aren’t the only option for these holiday traditions, so here’s a roundup of DIY luminaria with a little something for everyone. There’s LEDs for the geeks, a wax for the crafty folks,and everything in between.

1. Here’s the classic paper luminary, spiced up by colored paper bags if you can find them.

2. An easy way to recycle food cans into luminaries

3. For those living in a colder climate, these ice luminaries seem perfect, plus, they’re free!

4. Those who are gifted with a screwdriver will love these solar-powered jar lights made from inexpensive sidewalk lights from the home center.

created at: 12/20/2010

5. This amazing-looking option is created from water balloons and wax. 

6. And lastly, these cool mason jar luminaries are made from LEDs, but there’s no soldering required.

Do you know of any cool DIY sidewalk light projects? Share them in the comments below!