Feb 12, 2010

How Can You Have Any Pudding If You Don't Knit Your Meat?

sausage by s.casper.

These knitted meat softies can appeal to everyone: vegetarians can proudly display theirs and say "I prefer my protein purled..." and omnivores can set theirs on a shelf, using it for a bit of culinary inspiration. And no matter what your dietary choices, they're just plain fun.  

S. Casper is a design student at the Pratt Institute. In her free time, she "[likes] to watch cartoons and knit meat." And knit meat, she does. Sausage, chicken, ham, fish head, and a fine t-bone.

chicken by s.casper

ham by s.casper

fish head2 by s.casper

steak by s.casper

Get them all at S. Casper's Etsy Shop.

Photos from "Knit Meat" on Flickr.





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danaman on Feb 12, 2010:

You know? I don't think so. 

Just have so many better things to do with my time...