How To: Make an Amorphous Vase from a Styrofoam Cup

created at: 12/09/2010

These days, I rarely run into a styrofoam cup. And I’m quite thankful, as extruded polystyrene foam does not biodegrade for hundreds of years, and the its manufacturing process produces a whole buncha junk that no one wants in the air. So, when you come across one, what is there to do but sink your teeth around the rim?

Why, make these fancy shaped vases, of course…

created at: 12/09/2010

By placing rubber bands around the shape and warm it in a slow cooker full of water, magic happens!

No need for vases? Me either. At least not any made of styrofoam. So, help out, ManMade readers? What are some other possibilities for this cool trick!?

Designer Vases for Used Coffee Cups [Instructables]