Make a Melted Army Men Bowl

created at: 12/08/2010

Ever now and again, Dominic Wilcox’s clever War Bowls cross my path. I spied them online eight or so years ago, then two years later, one was on display at my local contemporary art museum, then I read an interview with Wilcox in a magazine, and on and on. 

When I recently ran into them again, it occurred to me…”Maybe I should make one?” Then, as we all do when we have a light bulb moment, I Googled it.   And, lo and behold… a tutorial. Though there aren’t any step by step photos (or even a pic of the final product for that matter), author K. Jessie Austin walks you through heating the soldiers in the oven, and then forming them around a Pyrex bowl.

How to Make a Bowl from Melted Army Men [Associated Content]