How To: Make a DIY Sling Camera Strap

In the last two years, there’s been a huge increase on the digital SLR camera scene – prices are dropping, megapixels are becoming more affordable, and the availability of introductory models means that anyone who has even a moderate interest can take really, really good pictures for fractions of what it would have cost even five years ago.

Though with the increase in flexibility and quality, convenience and portability take a hit. A DSLR can take amazing vacation, candid, and art (and step-by-step how-to!) photos, but they don’t slip into your pocket very easily. Which means your stuck with an expensive object hanging from an uncomfortable strap protruding from your chest.

Unless you’ve got a sling style strap. These genius devices don’t hold the camera perpendicular to the strap, but at any angle you want, making it easy to drap the camera comfortably at your waist, ready to be grabbed like the fastest shooter in the west!

Commercial units like the Luma Loop and the  R-Strap retail for over $60, but with a little ingenuity and some stuff from the hardware store, you can turn your existing strap into one in no time.

John Abella says,

 I’m also always interested in trying to make things like this on my own whenever possible.   Below is a small description and some pictures of my re-made camera sling, a DIY copy of the Luma Loop. The first part was obtaining a suitable shoulder strap pad…The main part of the Sling consists of the shoulder pad and some black nylon webbing, that is adjustable for length.It also has a male side of a 1″ plastic buckle on it, that is free to slide along the length of the loop.

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