Feb 10, 2010

How To: Create a Dorodango, a Japanese Mud Sphere

Dorodango - 泥 (どろ doro) "mud" and だんご (dango) "rice dumpling" - is a traditional pasttime for many Japanese school children. Dirt is mixed with water, then slowly shaped into a perfect, shiny or textured sphere.   That's it. Mud and time. Bruce from Dorodango.com has perfected the process, and is happy to share it with us.

  Read all about the process here.

Anyone ever tried one of these? Let us know about it in the   comments below.



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Anonymous on Jun 14, 2010:

wow, very interesting, it's so round! thanks for the link!

Anonymous on May 05, 2010:

Attempted many times but never succeeded... haha

Ren on Feb 10, 2010:

I had no idea that was mud!