Feb 10, 2010

Craft Fail: Knitted Full Body Suits

tn3 Itchin Knittin

It not only occured to one, but at least sixteen ambitious knitters. I can only picture the internal dialogue..."This sweater, scarf, hat, and gloves simply aren't enough...I must knit myself an entire get-up! Some purled yarn armor to help me face the day."

tn4 Itchin Knittin

The result? A seemingly very hot, VERY itchy cross between Cookie Monster, live action Dr. Seuss films, and that kid from the Christmas movie who can't put his arms down.   

Oh, and it seems there might even be a bit of knitted BDSM to round out the bunch... tn6 Itchin Knittin 

See them all at Craftastrophe.


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schinders on Feb 16, 2010:

i agree with bruno. cree-pee! reminds me of the people who dress up as fuzzy creatures to "have fun." if you catch my drift. ig.

The D.I. Denizen on Feb 15, 2010:

Actually, I do believe that these suits are used to induce some sort of spiritual awakening or revelation through sweaty hallucinations.  Think of it as a portable sweat lodge!

bruno on Feb 11, 2010:

Is it me, or are these things really creepy? They remind me of the gimp outfit from Pulp Fiction.

riotyarn on Feb 11, 2010:

Ha, ha...those body suits are so cool.