Nov 10, 2010

Top Tips for New Seamsters

created at: 11/10/2010

At ManMade, we often get emails from guys and ladies asking for help breaking into in the wonderful world of sewing your old stuff. While we're happy to help anyone get started, there are those tips and tricks that can only come with a bit of experimenting and practice.

So, we thought we'd share a collection of these tips, gathered by pros and those-just-getting-started alike.   There are already tons of tips at CraftStylish, and they just keep on coming.

What's Your Top Tip for New Sewers?


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SFLAG on Nov 22, 2010:

I usually go with "stitcher."

Chris on Nov 10, 2010:

QuoteRadar, you are absolutely right. It did indeed read like the waste disposal system.

Thusly updated.

QuoteRadar on Nov 10, 2010:

My first tip? Don't call them "sewers." It sounds fine verbally, but in print, it looks like a guide for people who want to become human waste disposal systems.

Seamstress/seamster aren't gender-neutral terms, but they sound less scatological.