Nov 09, 2010

How the Wall Street Journal's Famous "Stipple Portraits" Are Created (How-to Included)

Since their debut in 1979, the Wall Street Journal has featured more than 11,000 of their half-column Stipple headcuts. The signature portraits are created today by eight artists, and feature everyone from Hollywood celebrities to world government officials to Santa Claus.

To learn how to create the iconic style,    check out this video from the Wall Street Journal:

Or, to recreate the effect digitally from a black and white photograph, we're loving this how-to on the Adobe forums:

How Stipple Drawings are Made [WSJ.com]


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Claire Dé on Nov 09, 2010:

Hi dear Chris,

Well I am not savvy enough to use photoshop and the like, BUT I do use the website "Sporkfoge.com.  With their "Newspaper photo generator", I have somehow some kind of pointillist portrait...