Tattoo Your Furniture

created at: 11/02/2010

Tattoos, tattoos. Some can be amazingly beautiful, and I imagine some of the best and most talented artists and illustrators today make their living in high-end tattoo parlors and salons. These guys have their skills down, with no erasers or undo buttons available.

But they sure are painful, and permanent.

created at: 11/02/2010

So, we’re really digging this collection of tattoo and flash-inspired home decor and furniture pieces.

Tattoos are often intricate and personal. Why not apply those characteristics to your furniture and other home goods? Tattoo art can be added to pre-existing furniture via painting, print, hand or laser carving. You can also buy items from design studios like Mama Tried, run by the renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell…It’s also possible to design your own tattoo furniture. There is an Australian-based company called Tattoo Furniture Design that will build custom furniture complete with tattoo-like embellishments. You can go to the company website and build your furniture through an online customization program.

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